Here on our website in the showroom do
  you allways find interesting things from
  the 70:s like...

- Houses
- Boats and Yaths
- Sport Cars
- Furniture

BostNets mascot "The Badger with the hat"

We are a independent place on the Internet web

This is the place on the Internet there we who likes the design of the 70:s can
meet and show their objects to each other. has nothing to do with the text material, we are only a showroom for the objects.

Cut the costs and the work with your own website 
If you think the costs is to high or the work is to high for a own adress on the web, itīs time to contact us. We can give you a temporary place to show the  objects in a large text with many pictures. All you have to do is to make a link from an other website to this site, for instance like this;
and you give the readers of yours full acess to your precius gem.

Itīs not totally free
The costs for our service depend on two things. At first itīs the size of your text and how many images you want to publish. In the pricelist of ours do you see exactly how much you got to pay and itīs nothing against the prices that you will pay .


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